• Smart Card
  • Passwordless Windows VPS
  • with embedded VPN

Cloud virtual desktop with top data protection grade
thru passwordless access via smart card

This VPS is aimed at freelancers or startup administrators who want the best data protection for its data.

All VPS features are based on Microsoft technologies so the PC client configuration does not require third-party software.

Furthermore, on purchase form, buyers can opt to equip the VPS with a data partition which can be encrypted by BitLocker via smart card to exponentially increase data protection grade.

Windows 11 PC owners can use built-in TPM device as a smart card (Microsoft Virtual Smart Card) so they don't need to buy a physical smart card or USB token.

VPS resources and BitLocker partition can be accessed via multiple smart card or via multiple virtual smart card based on TPMs.

Once the VPS has been created, multiple client PCs can be configured by a VPS specific script which can be downloaded from the Customer Area.

The client configuration allows smart card to be used to access to embedded VPN login, network shares, remote desktop (thru RDP NLA protocol) and encrypted documents in the data partition if present.

Finally, the IP address of the VPS is shielded by NAT technology in order to prevent unwanted connections due to incorrect firewall configuration.

Price includes both on site daily backup and backup located on disaster recovery located in another European country. Backups are kept for 7 days.

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Embedded VPN
VPN protected resource access by Microsoft SSTP protocol which is natively suppported by every Windows PC client (no third-party VPN software needed)
Remote desktop passwordless login
remote desktop can be accessed only in passwordless way (via smart card) thru VPN tunnel
VPN passwordless login
VPS resources and VPS desktop can be accessed only in passwordless way
Virtual smart card (TPM as smart card)
VPS smart card login support Microsoft Virtual Smart Card too. MSVC is available on genuine Windows 11 PCs and control panel certificate wizard instruct end users how to enable it (1)
Yubico devices
Yubico YubiKey both 5 and 5C series are natively supported by VPS
PKCS#11 smart card
smart card VPS login can be performed by every smart card or usb token having its own PKCS#11 middleware (driver) (2)
data partition can be enciphered by Microsoft BitLocker using the smart card (3)
Maintenance with password login
Users log in thru VPS console assigning temporary password to Administrator. This is needed, for example, to install third-party smart card middleware
Graphical access to the VPS console
graphical access to the VPS console featured by control panel even on network adapter misconfiguration
Virtual private cloud
VPS connections are protected by NAT (4)
hardware resources are always dedicated with hardware ECC RAM
daily backup stored on-site and kept for 7 days
Disaster recovery
daily backup, kept for 7 days, on second data center located in another european country
VPS monitoring against o.s. crushes, overloads, low storage space, etc. as optional service (5)
power on, power off, shutdown, graphical console login and set temporary Administrator password for maintenance operations
Root of Trust
set of wizards inside Customer Area to handle smart card and to enroll certificates in a Public Key Infrastructure managed by Made Network
Client configuration
automatic PC client setup by downloadable configuration script from Customer Area
  • (1) Windows 11 PC owners can use built-in TPM as smart card instead the physical smart card
  • (2) To install custom smart card middleware on VPS you have to login in console by control panel and download the related installer from Internet. Then to test the right installation open VPN tunnel and try to log on VPS desktop by Remote Desktop connection application. Warning! If you plan to use a PKCS#11 smart card released by another CA keep in mind the usage related agreenment may cointains some restrictions. Made Network declines all responsibility about user violations related to smart card usage
  • (3) Protecting BitLocker key by a smart card let you to reach the maximum security grade. But keep in mind you can unlock smart card protected BitLocker partition only thru Remote Desktop connection application
  • (4) VPS has no public IP so both web desktop connection and VPN tunnel use specific ports of specific IP listed for each VPS in the Customer Area. This way well protects VPS resources and installed/exposed services
  • (5) Chargeable service

Smart Card

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