• Chromebook series
  • OpenVPN embedded Windows VPS
  • pre-configured for usage by Chromebooks

Brings a Windows virtual desktop to your Chromebook
in a safe environment

Chomebook cost is significantly lower than an entry level PC notebook but is a closed systems and can only run apps available on Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store.

On a Chomebook you cannot install nor execute a Windows application.

Made Network VPS series for Chromebooks were created specifically to cover this need: transform your Chromebook into a complete Windows desktop thru a VPN protected connection.

OpenVPN tunnel allows VPS network shares to be accessed by Chromebook so Microsoft Office documents can be viewed or edited by Chromebook built-in office apps.

VPS desktop can be accessed via Chrome browser or by RDP protocol oriented apps you can buy from Chrome Web Store.

Furthermore, on purchase form, buyers can opt to equip the VPS with a data partition which can be encrypted by BitLocker via to reach high data protection grade. Data partition is configured as network shared folder and, when unlocked, can be accessed by your Chromebook (thru OpenVPN tunnel) without restrictions.

VPS manual contains steps to configure OpenVPN tunnel, web desktop access and VPS network shares access.

Finally, the IP address of the VPS is shielded by NAT technology in order to prevent unwanted connections due to incorrect firewall configuration.

Price includes both on site daily backup and backup located on disaster recovery located in another European country. Backups are kept for 7 days.

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Web desktop
web access to VPS desktop from Chrome browser pre-installed in your Chromebook
Embedded VPN
VPN protected resource access by OpenVPN pre-configured on VPS and natively supported by Chomebooks so you don't need to install third-party app
Remote desktop via RDP
RDP protocol is also available thru VPN tunnel. By the way if you have a x86-based Chromebook you need to buy a specific app from Chome Web Store or if you have an arm-based Chromebook you can download Microsoft Remote Desktop app from Google Play Store (1)
VPN authentication with client certificate
VPN authentication with client certificate to guarantee highest protection grade to the tunnel (2)
data partition can be enciphered by Microsoft BitLocker
Graphical access to the VPS console
graphical access to the VPS console featured by control panel even on network adapter misconfiguration
Virtual private cloud
VPS connections are protected by NAT (3)
Unauthorized access lockdown policy
preconfigured lockdown access policy against brute force attacks (4)
hardware resources are always dedicated with hardware ECC RAM
daily backup stored on-site and kept for 7 days
Disaster recovery
daily backup, kept for 7 days, on second data center located in another european country
VPS monitoring against o.s. crushes, overloads, low storage space, etc. as optional service (5)
power on, power off, shutdown, graphical console login and change Administrator password by control panel
Root of Trust
client certificate enrollment wizard available in Customer Area. VPN certificates are enrolled from Public Key Infrastructure managed by Made Network
  • (1) For x86-based Chromebook we suggest Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Chrome. You can get RDP configuration parameters from Internet services panel related to desired VPS in Customer Area. Be aware both Chrome Remote Desktop and Chrome RDP for Google Cloud Platform apps are not compatible with Made Network VPSs
  • (2) OpenVPN needs a client certificate which can be enrolled in Customer Area. Take a look of VPS manual to handle certificate digital identities (mapped to VPS UPNs)
  • (3) VPS has no public IP so both web desktop connection and VPN tunnel use specific ports of specific IP listed for each VPS in the Customer Area. This way well protects VPS resources and installed/exposed services
  • (4) Windows temporary locks (disable) access to users who tried to insert wrong password many times. By the way you can unlock (re-enable) Administrator user setting a new fresh password thru the related feature in the Customer Area. To get more info take a look of VPS manual
  • (5) Chargeable service


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